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The Company

Navid & Nona Derakhshan

Navid & Nona Derakhshan of Lightscape Makeover, Atlanta’s outdoor lighting company.

My name is Navid Derakhshan. I am writing this bio three days after I proposed to my fiancé Nona in Aspen, Colorado!

Nona and I have known each other through our parents; our love for architecture and our similarities and common background brought us closer and closer. We always wanted to have our own company together and had many ideas. But one idea in particular seemed to grow in our hearts the most and now we are doing what we love.

A month after we met, Nona’s mother hired our landscape design/build firm, Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, to perform a very large project for their new property. After completion, Nona bragged about everything and how well it was designed, but there was one design element that kept coming up with us. And that is how well the house was lightscaped at night. That was our point of discussion for a long time. Often after that, Nona would ask to join me in doing nighttime adjustments for our clients’ lighting designs. As two people who worked a lot, we would come home in the evening and our favorite thing that made the day worth it was the beautiful landscape lighting at our home.

Nona caught on quickly as I began to show her our design tricks and installation methods and the physics of light. She started to propose ideas of her own, showing off her vision and architect mind vs mine and our projects always became better and better till we got it perfect.

After many training courses and certifications to follow our passion for lighting, we came up with our outside lighting company, LightScape Makeover, to practice our favorite part of landscaping design the most, and let our clients enjoy our passion and talents as much as we did.

The art of lighting is beyond our physical ability to place fixtures and apply the physics of electricity. It’s about listening to the home we are designing and delivering what it needs. Understanding what the original architect planned and catching the vision for what the customer desires, we begin to design a plan for making your home sparkle at night. The end result is a vision that pleases the eye of every friend, family, and neighbor. Although the goal of our outside lighting company is not to create competition, your entire neighborhood will always look up to your home. You can thank (or blame) Nona and I for that.

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