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Navid and Nona Derakhshan

Lightscape Makeover, a landscape lighting company, is an extension of Outdoor Makeover & Living Spaces, a top Atlanta landscape company with over 1,000 five-star reviews. Lightscape Makeover is led by husband and wife team Navid and Nona Derakhshan, who have real life experience in landscape and design, and especially outdoor lighting in the beautiful Atlanta area.

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Over 30,000 lights installed

Our biggest difference yet is through our capabilities. Being co-owned by a prominent landscape and construction company who cares about details, we can modify how we want the landscape to look vs lighting up what the builder planted. If there is a need for irrigation, modification, trimming of overgrown shrubs, driveway and walkway repair—whatever it takes we will do it to make your home look incredible.

We respect your budget

We understand landscape lighting can become costly, and we promise to be respectful of your budget. Over the years we have developed tricks and shortcuts to create any desired effect for less. But we don’t use cookie cutter kits and cheap wiring. We only design from scratch with your property in mind and everything we are working around.

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Unique lighting makeovers

Whether you want to enable the walkability and ease of traffic around your property, or light up a focal point of the house, or highlight the landscape, we are delighted to deliver with our own unique Lightscape Makeover spin on everything. Using the physics of light we get every photon from our illumination source, creating amazing evenings, soothing environments, and a tranquilizing effect at the end of your hectic day!

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Client Reviews

A team of Artists, Insightful, professional and creative! Lightscape Makeover did a fabulous design and an absolutely wonderful job with top quality material installing in our front yard and building. The result exceeded very far from our expectations. We never imaged how beautiful our home and Garden would look at night when the lights turn on. We would definitely request their service for the future projects or recommend this professional team to others. Not only the job was “Excellent” but the owners look like talented and charming family members at our house for a couple of days.

Shahin N. client

Having bought an older home with a feral landscape, I had no idea how big of an impact landscape lighting would make. It’s one of the best investments I’ve made in my renovations! My experience has been excellent - from design to implementation, and most of all, support; even when lightning struck (literally!), I was pleased with the service I received. Highly recommended!

Gavin M. client

I purchased a new home in Midtown that had terraced front gardens and a fenced urban-sized backyard. Upon moving into the house I brought in a landscaper to design the garden plantings and rear patio area, complete with lighting. After living with the landscaping for two years, I decided to redesign the patio and rear garden area with the intention of moving from a very conventional feel to a more interesting, cozy, and exotic feel. I used Outdoor Makeover for this project with exceptional, but it was the lighting additions from Lighting Makeover that brought magic to the space. Their choices of which architectural features on the house to highlight and plants to be featured along with the overall creative use of varying lights was spot on. The garden areas of my house went from being acceptable to being an asset to the property.

Jill VG. client

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